Midnight Princess



  • 19th Century
  • 1860's-1870's


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When a bedraggled waif arrived half-dead on the doorstep of his Fifth Avenue mansion, handsome newspaper publisher Christian Marshall didn't know what came over him to let her stay on as a housemaid. The hard-drinking, short-tempered war hero wasn't interested in charity cases. But when he looked into those defiant cinnamon-brown eyes and caressed her lithe young body, he felt driven to quiet her protests with kisses, to stop her struggles with his velvet touch, and to make her forget her mysterious past with the wild passion only he could arouse...

For the first time in months, Jenny Holland felt safe -- at least for a little while. The seductive demands of her domineering master were nothing compared to the horrors of her past. She only hoped that she could calm her secret rush of desire at every touch of his hand, at ever stolen glance at his war-hardened physique. She couldn't let anything distract her from what still had to be done. Yet she knew that this brief taste of pleasure in Christian's arms would never be enough. She wanted to reign night after night as his Midnight Princess.
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