The Novels of Jimmy Breslin


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Tough, funny, moving fiction from the New York Times–bestselling author and Pulitzer Prize–winning journalist.
Jimmy Breslin was not only “the biggest, the baddest, the brashest, the best columnist in New York City,” he was also an outstanding New York Times–bestselling novelist, equally comfortable with comedy and tragedy, often intermixing the two (New YorkDaily News). Collected here are four of his best-loved novels, including three New York Times bestsellers.
World Without End, Amen: Hoping to find redemption, disgraced, alcoholic NYPD cop Dermot Davey travels to Ulster—the heart of the increasingly bloody Irish Troubles—to find the father who abandoned him as a child, in this New York Times bestseller.
“Excellent . . . Breslin writes prose in a New York idiom with a shrewdness all his own.” —The New York Times
The Gang That Couldn’t Shoot Straight: Breslin’s New York Times–bestselling, madcap novel of the sloppiest turf war ever launched by the Brooklyn mob was the basis for the hilarious movie starring Jerry Orbach as the witless Kid Sally Palumbo and a young pre–Godfather II Robert De Niro.
“A very funny novel . . . and a good one.” —The Village Voice
Table Money: This New York Times bestseller “about flesh-and-blood working people” is the story of Owney Morrison, a Vietnam vet who returns home to Queens with a Congressional Medal of Honor and few prospects (Studs Terkel). Owney takes up the family legacy as a sandhog—a tunnel worker. But when his drinking gets out of control, his wife Dolores considers leaving with their baby daughter rather than being dragged down by a man who feels safest one hundred feet below the street.
“[A] serious literary novel, a superior work of fiction.” —The New York Times
Forsaking All Others: Puerto Rican drug dealer Teenager will stop at nothing to dominate the South Bronx narcotics trade—but a scorching affair between a crime boss’s daughter who’s literally married to the mob and Teenager’s childhood friend, legal aid lawyer Maximo Escobar, threatens to ruin the entire operation. Before it’s all over, the South Bronx is going to burn.
“A novel of considerable complexity and richness.” —Chicago Tribune
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