Asskickers of the Fantastic



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A 6'2" engine of homicidal rage, who has sworn to kill every monster on earth, or at least kick their asses into next week. But even Rex has his hands full when immortal killers from another dimension appear in New York to lay waste to the human race.
Aided by a mysterious woman with unearthly powers and a teenage hooker he saved from cannibals, Rex has only hours to somehow destroy a pair of indestructible predators before they turn the earth into their personal 24-hour buffet.
Prepare yourself for a balls-out roller coaster ride that is smart, poignant and hilarious. If you dig ASH VS THE EVIL DEAD, this is even groovier
"The story is fast-paced... a real page-turner that'll have you following our hero with hardly a moment for respite, and glued to your seat laughing your ass off." - Amazon review
"A total blast to read, I couldn't put it down and I can't wait for the next one." - Amazon review
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