Snake Eaters



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Things are looking bleak at Fort Apache, the desolate U.S. outpost one hundred miles deep into Iraqi territory.

Hog rookie Lieutenant William “BJ” Dixon is left for dead, wounded, starving, and desperate to survive after being ambushed and separated from his ground team at a secret chemical weapons depot. Weapons expert Captain Bristol Wong is captured by an elite Iraqi force who are moving Scud missiles loaded with chemical weapons. Tech Sergeant Rebecca Rosen is in trouble simply by being in a combat zone, working by the seat of her pants to repair a malfunctioning helicopter so the stranded Special Forces ground team that guards Fort Apache can bug out.

And Hog Devil Squadron mates, Captain John “Doberman” Glenon and his wingmate Captain Thomas Peter “A-Bomb” O’Rourke, who are tasked with destroying the chemicals weapons depot, are facing Iraqi MiG pilots out to stop them. Can a Hog go up against a MiG and come back alive?

HOGS #4:SNAKE EATERS is the fourth of six novels in the Jim DeFelice’s HOGS First Gulf War series, focusing on a colorful group of brave pilots flying A-10As during the First Gulf War in 1991. #1 New York Times Bestselling Author Jim DeFelice (American Sniper), based this dramatic, historical action series on actual events. Filled with blistering action and gritty authenticity, this is a powerful and exciting tribute to the men and women who flew these hard-working, air-to-ground fighter-bombers.
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