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Desperate to get back into the war before it ends, Hog jockey Lieutenant William “BJ” Dixon volunteers to do something useful – act as a ground forward air controller, coordinating attack targets with the bomber pilots. Easy, right? Wrong, as he realizes while shivering in an unpressurized cargo hold, ready to plunge into enemy territory on a nighttime airdrop. As a newbie, he’s barely tolerated by the well-oiled team of commandos who are tasked with building an allied airstrip within spitting distance of Baghdad – code name Fort Apache. BJ soon learns that ground war requires a whole different skill set — from humping 60 pounds of bulky equipment over rocky terrain to backing out of a minefield — and offers an uncomfortable ringside view of death. After stumbling onto a secret Iraqi chemical weapons depot, Dixon and his team are caught in an ambush of Iraqi soldiers. With equipment destroyed, a rescue helicopter down, and their commander wounded, Dixon is forced to lead the team as the highest ranking remaining officer. Can he guide Hog Aces Doberman and A-Bomb to the target without getting his team and himself blown up in the explosive aftermath?

Hogs #3: FORT APACHE is the third of six novels in the HOGS First Gulf War series, focusing on a colorful group of brave pilots flying A-10As during the First Gulf War in 1991. #1 New York Times Bestselling Author Jim DeFelice (American Sniper), writing under the pen name of James Ferro, based this dramatic, historical action series on actual events. Filled with blistering action and gritty authenticity, this is a powerful and exciting tribute to the men and women who flew these hard-working, air-to-ground fighter-bombers.
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