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As Director of Operations for the A-10A Warthog unit in the Gulf War, Major James “Mongoose” Johnson is considered an Ace. When his plane is shot down over Iraqi territory, he must call upon a whole different set of skills to survive a brutal desert climate and one determined Iraqi officer. His men are are determined to rescue him. But looking for a HOG DOWN in the middle of a desert isn’t easy — even for his hotshot wingmate who relishes shooting enemy tanks into oblivion, and his Vietnam-era commander who’s in search of his own personal redemption.

Their mission is simple – rescue Major Johnson, and rain death upon anything that gets in the way.

Hogs #2: HOG DOWN is the second of six novels in the HOGS First Gulf War series, focusing on a colorful group of brave pilots flying A-10As during the First Gulf War in 1991. #1 New York Times Bestselling Author Jim DeFelice (American Sniper), writing under the pen name of James Ferro, based this dramatic, historical action series on actual events. Filled with blistering action and gritty authenticity, this is a powerful and exciting tribute to the men and women who flew these hard-working, air-to-ground fighter-bombers.
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