Death Wish



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In the final installment in Jim DeFelice's HOGS First Gulf War series, Colonel Michael “Skull” Knowlington has wrestled long and hard to conquer his addiction to alcohol, fueled by his anguish for pilots who died under his command. Disgusted with himself after falling off the wagon one night, Knowlington decides to quit the Air Force. A new hotshot, Major Horace “Hack” Preston, seems to be after his command, using Devil Squadron as a stepping stone to a generalship. Hack doesn’t hide that he's rather be flying anything but Warthog A-10A. He is just as disrespectful towards Knowlington, whom he knew as an “alky” colleague in the Pentagon. Knowlington is willing to make it easy for Preston, but fate intervenes when Devil Squadron is ordered behind enemy lines for a brief, surgical operation to pick up a couple of downed British pilots.
The operation becomes anything but routine when Captain Bristol Wong convinces Knowlington that a specially-equipped enemy MiG-29 sighted in the same area would be a prize worth examining. Major Preston, the only one to have “flown” a MiG during a peacetime demonstration, sees his opportunity to clinch his bid for command of Devil Squadron by volunteering to snatch the enemy plane and the glory for himself. One problem: the squadron is one pilot short. Should Knowlington take to the air one last time? It seems everyone in Devil Squadron has something to prove on this mission.
HOGS #6: DEATH WISH, the sixth of Jim DeFelice’s HOGS First Gulf War series, focuses on a colorful group of brave pilots flying A-10As during the First Gulf War in Iraq of 1991. #1 New York Times Bestselling Author Jim DeFelice (American Sniper), based this dramatic, historical action series on actual events. Filled with blistering action and gritty authenticity, this is a powerful and exciting tribute to the men and women who flew these hard-working, air-to-ground fighter-bombers.
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