The Evermore of Callie and Kayden

A novella series
Now in her last year of college, Callie feels like she wants to do something amazing with her life. When she gets a job offer to write for at an unconventional newspaper, she wonders if it’s the change she’s looking for. But her first assignment hits close to home, and she has to decide if she’s strong enough to handle it.

Kayden’s life has been going great. He’s about to graduate, the draft is coming up, and his relationship with Callie is stronger than ever. But when a secret from his family’s past is revealed, he realizes not everything about his life is what it seems.

Please note that The Coincidence Diaries series is an ongoing novella series that follows the characters from the Coincidence Series and the Unbeautiful Series as they navigate through their last year of college. Since I know not everyone has read all the books in the Coincidence Series and the Unbeautiful Series, I separated the characters stories into individual novellas, which are approximately 25,000-30,000 words each. However, for those who aren’t fans of novellas, I will also be releasing novel-length, combined sets of the characters stories, so you can pick and choose which way you want to go.
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