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    8 Books (1 Series)
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    April 2007
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    June 2024
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Full Series List in Order

Yorick and Bones

1 - Yorick and Bones (May-2020)
2 - Yorick and Bones: Friends by Any Other Name (May-2021)

Book List in Order: 8 titles

  • The debut book of Jeremy Tankard's high-flying Bird series!Bird wakes up feeling grumpy. Too grumpy to eat or play -- too grumpy even to fly. "Looks like I'm walking today," says Bird. He walks past Sheep, who offers to keep him company. He walks pas...

  • An inventive Stone Age boy takes matters into his own hands in a humorous, satisfying story for every young child who wants something NOW.

    "Me hungry!" the boy pleads. "Me busy," say his preoccupied mom and dad. So the boy decides to go huntin...

  • Bird and Raccoon are playing ball, when Bird gets bonked on the head. "Boo hoo hoo " he cries. What will make Bird feel better? A kiss? A cookie? A Band-Aid? Bird's friends Raccoon, Rabbit, Beaver, Sheep, and Fox are full of sweet and funny ideas. P...

  • Bird is hiking with his friends when his tummy rumbles. But no one packed him a snack that he likes! With every step, his hunger mounts until he collapses on the ground. How will Bird survive if he doesn't eat the perfect something this instant?! ...

  • Bird's friends are settling in for the night. But Bird is not tired. His wings want to flap. His legs want to run. All of him wants to play! When will he ever go to sleep?! Spirited kids and exhausted parents will laugh their way to happy dream...

  • Hear ye, hear ye! Father-daughter duo Jeremy and Hermione Tankard are pleased to introduce the first book in a rib-tickling, heartfelt full-color graphic novel series perfect for fans of Bird & Squirrel! Yorick is a skeleton who was just dug up af...

  • Hey-ho, hey-ho! Father-daughter duo Jeremy and Hermione Tankard are thrilled to deliver the second book in a heartfelt, “humerus” full-color graphic novel series perfect for fans of Bird & Squirrel! Yorick and his trusty canine companion Bones...

  • See below for English description.Tous les amis d'Oiseau se préparent à aller au lit. Oiseau, lui, n'a pas sommeil. Ses ailes veulent battre, ses pattes veulent courir. Il essaie de convaincre ses amis de jouer avec lui, mais ceux-ci sont t...

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Jeremy Tankard has published 8 books.

The next book by Jeremy Tankard, Gros Dodo, will be published in June 2024.

The first book by Jeremy Tankard, Grumpy Bird, was published in April 2007.

Yes. Jeremy Tankard has 1 series.