An Appointed Time ~~ Jennifer Moody

Sarah is visiting Colonial Williamsburg over Christmas in 1990. While at Carter's Grove, she's walked down to the river and into the 17th century while touring Wolstenholme Towne. She always enjoys a step into the past, but this time, she truly does step back in time. She finds herself lost in the woods, the river still visible but she cannot find Wolstenholme Towne or the Carter's Grove house. Guided by the Lord, she begins to move up towards where the house should be. Just about nightfall, she finds a small encampment. No one is there, so she crawls into the tent and falls asleep. In the morning, she meets Taminac, a member of the Powhatan nation, who is alone in the woods seeking God. She realizes that she remembers nothing except her first name. Both she and Taminac are each very attracted to one another. Very quickly they are in love but is she free? Thus begins Sarah's search for her memory and her identity. Will she remember who she is? What of this threat of which Taminac is so scared? Will Opitchipan or Opechancanough win the spot occupied by Wahunsunacock, the Powhatan? Will Sarah regain her memory before Opechancanough gets the chance to launch his attack against the English colonists? This book is a fast-paced adventure/romance whose story is set in the history of Virginia. For other books by this author, please see or (Large print) or for a large print version of this book. Full Synopsis
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