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    September 2005
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    September 2021
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  • Imagine you are Bruno Richard Hauptmann, accused of murdering the son of the most famous man in America.In a compelling, immediate voice, 12-year-old Katie Leigh Flynn takes us inside the courtroom of the most widely publicized criminal case of the 2...

  • "Are you a scientist?" I ask.

    Marianne stops writing and looks up. "No, I'm not a scientist -- I'm a poet."

    "Oh," I reply. I've never met a poet before. "What, exactly, does a poet do?" I ask her.

    "For me, being a poet beg...

  • Like her mother, Georgia McCoy is an artist, but her dad looks away whenever he sees her with a sketchbook. Sometimes it's hard to remember what it was like when her mother was still alive . . . when they were a family . . . when they were happy. But...

  • The year is 1925, and the students of Dayton, Tennessee, are ready for a summer of fishing, swimming, some working, and drinking root beer floats at Robinson's Drugstore. But when their science teacher, J. T. Scopes, is arrested for having taught Dar...

  • Here is the perfect book for celebrating Lincoln‚Äôs 200th birthday¬ -- and a unique way to illuminate our 16th president for today‚Äôs young readers. Based on an actual incident that occurred when Lincoln was just a bo...

  • Will Lyza's 1968 summer mystery lead to . . . pirate treasure? When Lyza helps her dad clean out her late grandfather's house, a mysterious surprise brightens the sad task. In Gramps's dusty attic, Lyza discovers three maps, carefully folded and s...

  • Carmen Navarro rings up customers at the Quikmart, bored to tears. It's a job, and she needs it. But Carmen's true love is music: she dropped out of high school to sing with the Gypsy Lovers and land a recording contract, someday. Just a few miles...

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Jen Bryant has published 9 books.

Jen Bryant does not have a new book coming out soon. The latest book, Angels in the Woods\" ~ Where Magic and Mystery Take Flight Honoring the Perfect Mind, was published in September 2021.

The first book by Jen Bryant, The Trial, was published in September 2005.

No. Jen Bryant does not write books in series.