If You Could Read My Mind...



  • Contemporary


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Forbidden Fantasy #4
Knowing his lover's secret desires...

Lately it seems that sexy spark has left Michael and Jillian Landry's marriage. That is, until a touch of magic leaves Michael with an illuminating gift -- he can hear his wife's thoughts....

Too bad Jillian's pragmatic internal remarks leave Michael shrinking in embarrassment. Is that what she really thinks of him? Fortunately, due to his new perspective, he's privy to her every sexual fantasy. So what can a guy do but bring each one of those naughty thoughts to life?

Do you have a forbidden fantasy? Look inside for hot tips from Sue Johanson that might help make those dreams a reality....

Sue Johanson is a registered nurse, sex educator, author and host of The Oxygen Network's Talk Sex with Sue Johanson.
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