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    10 Books
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    March 1993
  • Latest Book:
    March 2013
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  • SECRETS IN THE SHADOWS Summoned to England after her hated grandfather's death, Victoria Hunter was eager to claim her inheritance. Her hopes were dashed, however, when she learned the legacy consisted of her family's ancestral mansion, bu...

  • When orphan Laura Crestwood overhears her relatives planning to marry her off to a much older man, she secretly takes the job of secretary as far from London as she can, in rural Devon. Brendan Colefax is young and attractive, and Laura enjoys her wo...

  • When Serena arrives at Trelorgan House, Cornwall, to research her family’s roots, past and present seem to collide. She encounters strange echoes from history over which she has no control. How real are they? Is she the one, as her grandmot...

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    At Andrew Penarth’s request, Lisa Morris travels to Corfu to sort out his daughter Suzy and her relationship with Max Hallorahan. Suzy is now eighteen and has inherited her mother’s money, and Andrew suspects that Max has his eye on it. Once Andr...

    • / Suspense
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    When freelance editor Kate Nesbitt sublets her flat in Edinburgh to American Charlene Oatman, and goes away on holiday, she little realises that she will become involved in a case of murder…Kate is horrified when a few weeks after her return to her...

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    A lonely newcomer to the New York stockbroking firm, twenty-three-year-old Ellen Huntsworth was disconcerted to be advised, by the first personable man she met, to return to the safety of England. Don Redman implied she was too young, too green to ma...

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    Being a computer buff didn’t exactly endear Mandy Wallace to the majority of men she met. That was why, she told herself, she hid her true identity from an attractive man she met in the park one day. Within minutes, Mandy had concocted a glamorous ...

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    Dancer Florence Johnson relished the thought of visiting Tuscany. Things might have been different if she’d known that Robert Howard was going to be there. Once, Robert had deeply hurt her, but now he seemed different, almost vulnerable. And Floren...

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    Of all the people Rose interviewed for an assistant in her rapidly expanding business, Conor McKechnie was undoubtedly the best. The fact that he was a highly attractive man should not have entered into her considerations, as she well knew. What she ...

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    Being a travel courier on a Greek island was Sally Johnson’s idea of heaven. Kouros had everything she loved -- colourful scenery, lively towns and, best of all, glorious beaches. It was infuriating to be told by an arrogant American that her favou...

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Jean Davidson has published 10 books.

Jean Davidson does not have a new book coming out soon. The latest book, Time to Love, was published in March 2013.

The first book by Jean Davidson, A Bitter Legacy, was published in March 1993.

No. Jean Davidson does not write books in series.