The Railroad Baroness



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Daughter of a railroad baron, widow of a war hero, fiercely independent Lillian Worthington Cabot is a lady to her fingertips. When her father falls ill before a crucial business gathering, Lillian doesn't hesitate to leave Boston for the end of the line to act as his emissary. Correspondent Charles Lowell Adams and photographer Conn Maguire chronicled the war together, forging an unlikely friendship between Boston Brahmin and Irish brawler. Now working for the Great Western Rail Company, the men are tasked with recording history as the railroad pushes ever westward. The luscious widow is everything they desire: Charles's sweet Lilly and Conn's fiery Delilah, a woman they can love as one. But a traitor is stalking the camp. Lillian and her men must fight through the deadly sabotage and deception to find the villain before he destroys the railroad-and Lillian with it.
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