Tax Break



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Pay Your Taxes!

But get a TAX BREAK

The IRS has a storied history. There’s the story of the 10-year-old boy who had his savings account confiscated by the IRS. There’s the story of the 17-year-old girl who the IRS threatened to garnish her wages and put a lien on her property if she didn’t fork over $16 in taxes her uncle had already paid. There’s the story of IRS workers throwing away or hiding returns in order to keep up with work. TAX BREAK relates the story of Jim Greenwald, a man so enraged by the IRS that he plants a bomb in their Austin facility after they confiscate his bar for unpaid taxes. The FBI and local police chase him across the United States while a third-party presidential candidate starts a riot after he declares Greenwald to be a hero of the people. This book explodes with more action when a CIA agent attempts to silence Greenwald before he can expose his past adventures executed for The Company. Yes, you still have to pay your taxes, but you can at least channel your anger by turning the pages of this exciting story of one man’s war on the IRS.
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