Metal Sky



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Psychic investigator Jack Stein is back on the case....

The time: Two years after the Wyrmhole incident. Jack and Billie, his ever-enigmatic fourteen-year-old ward, have set up a new shop in a new town.

The place: Yorkstone, with its clean streets and virtual sunny skies, is a far cry from the hellhole of the Locality. It's also far more difficult to drum up business--until Bridgett Farrell darkens Jack's door.

The job: Find a metallic tablet inscribed with ornate symbols. It's very valuable--and made of a substance unlike any known to science.

The suspect: It seems an antique-dealing acquaintance of Ms. Farrell's has made off with the valuable artifact, which may have been stolen from an archaeological dig in the ruins of an unknown civilization on the planet Mandala.

The catch: Ms. Farrell is far more deceptive than she seems....
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