Tarrisbroke Hall



  • 19th Century
  • Regency


  • England


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Marianne was a most unwilling birde...

And the Earl of Tarrisbroke wa an equally unwilling husband.

But neither of them had any choice.

Marianne Johnson, rich young widow of a merchant, could not destroy her family's one chance to be so close to the nobility. And the earl, faced with impending financial ruin, saw marriage to a plebeian fortune as his only hope.

Not for a moment did anyone expect this unlikely pair to care for each other.

Especially when, at first meeting, Marianne appeared as a vulgar, overdressed female, and the earl as an unremitting snob!
Mills and Boon UK Edition:

Utter ruin confronts the Earl of Tarrisbroke. Faced with discharging his father's mountainous gambling debts, her reluctantly agrees to trade his aristocratic title for a plebian fortune. Marrianne Johnson, the wealthy young widow of an elderly merchant, is furious to find herself chosen as a fortune-hunter's bride. But before the Earl can discover his widow's true worth, or Marianne realises that fortune-hunters can be devastatingly attractive, they have to unite to protect the priceless Crown of St Helen Theodora at Tarrisbroke Hall...

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