Charades by Jasmine Cresswell
Matching wits with a murderer was a deadly dare...

Abigail Deane had made it her mission to ensure that the fortune in Confederate gold left to her and her sisters, Linsey and Kate, was safely banked and invested. But the bank accounts now showed a shortage, and Abby set out on the trail of an embezzler. Was it an inside job? Why had the Deane family become the target? And why had their banker been murdered?

And then the anonymous phone calls began--the taunting voice that shocked her with its knowledge of Deane-family secrets. Only Steve Kramer, Abby's neighbor, could be trusted to help. Steve, who had always wanted to be more than just Abby's friend, welcomed the challenge. In a game of deadly charades, identities were hidden and the final round was about to begin.
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