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    October 2022
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Rosamunde Scott was born on 22 September 1924 in Lelant, Cornwall, England, UK, daughter of Helen and Charles Scott, a British commander. Just before her birth her father was posted in Burma, her mother remained in England. She attended St. Clare's Polwithen and Howell's School Llandaff before going on to Miss Kerr-Sanders' Secretarial College. She began writing when she was seven, and published her first short story when she was 18. From 1943 through 1946, Pilcher served with the Women's Naval Service. On 7 December 1946, she married Graham Hope Pilcher, a war hero and jute industry executive who died in March 2009. They moved to Dundee, Scotland, where she still lives today with a dog in Perthshire. They had two daughters and two sons, and fourteen grandchildren. Her son, Robin Pilcher, is also a novelist.

In 1949, her first book, a romance novel, was published by Mills & Boon, under the pseudonym Jane Fraser. She published a further ten novels under that name. In 1955, she also began writing under her married name Rosamunde Pilcher, by 1965 she her own name to all of her novels. In 1996, her novel Coming Home won the Romantic Novel of the Year Award by Romantic Novelists' Association. She retired from writing in 2000. Two years later, she was named an Officer of the Order of the British Empire (OBE).

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  • The Naval base of Peranda in the Indian Ocean was a gay, cheerful spot. "There's plenty to do, and plenty of young men to do it with," said Bar Lonsdale. But although Bar spoke flippantly, she had found heartache in Peranda, for very young and ver...

  • When you're nineteen, and autumn day in the Scottish Highlands can seem like a day in spring. And it's nice to have a young man and nicer to have two, and nicest by far when you find that you only want one after all. And that is how things turned o...

  • Henrietta found herself attracted to the handsome stranger from the start. But there was a lot of talk about him. Tom Carr was no newcomer to Cornwall. He had lived there before -- when her mother was still alive. Her grandfather hated him. Gradua...

  • SOPHIE THOUGHT GLENCORVIE WAS PARADISE. From the moment she stepped off the bus, Sophie was enchanted by the place. And everyone was captivated by her beauty and charm. Sophie had come to Scotland for more than just a vacation. Ever since her m...

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  • From a lonely, windswept island in the Hebrides to a luxurious villa in the Mediterranean. For Kate Kelsey this meant the prospect of a life of luxury. But what about Jamie? ...

  • When Anabel Halliday's father died, she felt resentful that she should have to leave her beloved old home, Kilgenny, and live ina small house on the estate. When on top of that, a brash young Canadian farmer arrived as the new tenant of Kilgenny,...

  • <p><em>The South Westerlies</em> is an attempt to know place (Gower) through the creation of a collection of short stories. Place is not a cosmetic backdrop, but an affecting agent in the lives of a wide cast of fictional characters...

  • This collection of short fiction aims to define the sometimes indefinable and to give voice to those struggling to make sense of what life throws at them. There are those who travel in a continuous loop on London's underground and those who dance...

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Jane Fraser has published 14 books.

Jane Fraser does not have a new book coming out soon. The latest book, Connective Tissue, was published in October 2022.

The first book by Jane Fraser, Half-Way to the Moon, was published in January 1949.

No. Jane Fraser does not write books in series.