Wild Wind!



  • 19th Century
  • American West


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From the talented pen of Jane Archer, author of such acclaimed historical romances as BAYOU PASSION, REBEL SEDUCTION, and the bestselling classic TENDER TORMENT, comes a story of breakneck adventure and stunning passion as thrilling as a windstorm across the Texas prairie...

HUNTER is a rugged Texas cowboy turned bodyguard, whose quick draw and stubborn pride make him a man to be reckoned with...

DEIDRE is the fiery green-eyed daughter of Alexandra Clarke and Jake Jarmon, the lovers who set the seas afire in TENDER TORMENT...

From New York to New Orleans, and from a rugged ranch in Texas to a sweet-scented island in the Caribbean, Hunter and Deidre embark on an exciting and perilous mission that sweeps them across the steamy Gulf and into the heat of each other's arms. Journey with them in this tale of timeless love and age-old revenge as these two untamed hearts discover, through nights of blistering rapture, a passion that rages like a wild wind!
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