• 19th Century
  • American West


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After her engaged sister runs off with another man, Julia Sommers journeys to Texas to tell rancher Wade Howland he is not going to marry his promised bride, but when he mistakes Julia for his intended wife, she realizes that he is everything she had ever desired in a man and vows to teach him a lesson in love


When her betrothed sister eloped with another, Julia Sommers felt it her duty to explain to rancher Wade Sommers why he would never wed his promised bride. Mistaken for her sister, Julia arrived in Texas where she was greeted by a very eager groom ...


Wade wasn't afraid of anyone or anything --- except love, which he felt was the cause for ruining his brother's life and ultimately killing him. Now, all he wanted was a wife to care for the twin girls his brother had left behind. What he got instead was a blonde spitfire who tantalized him with her feisty temperament and alluring beauty ...


Julia had no intention of marrying a stranger, but when she met the darkly handsome rancher, her was everything she had ever hoped for a man. Now, with each passing day, she ached to have her dreams fulfilled. Though wary of his newfound feelings, Wade also longed to be in Julia's arms as he soon discovered that it would take an indomitable force to control the fire that she sparked in his soul ...
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