Rumble on the Bayou



  • Contemporary


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Gator Aid

Deputy Dorie Berenger knew it was going to be a rough day when the alligator she found in the town drunk's swimming pool turned out to be stoned. On heroin. Now she has some big shot city slicker from the DEA trying to take over her turf. And Agent Richard Starke is everything she'd feared--brash, demanding and way too handsome for his own good. Or hers.

The folks of Gator Bait, Louisiana may know everything about each other, but they're sure not going to share it with an outsider. Richard wouldn't be able to catch a catfish, much less a drug smuggler, without Dorie's help. But some secrets--and some desires--are buried so deep that bringing them to the surface will take a major Rumble On the Bayou.
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