Jamie Knight enjoys writing dirty, naughty taboo fantasies you can get lost in. Don't worry, it'll be our little secret!

Book List in Order: 62 titles

Complete Series List in Order

Club Lush

1) Binding His Virgin (Apr-2019)
2) Silencing His Virgin (May-2019)
3) Riding His Virgin (May-2019)
4) Masking His Virgin (Jun-2019)
5) Revealing His Virgin (Sep-2019)

His Pet

1) Office Pet (Jan-2019)
2) Lucky Pet (Mar-2019)
3) Fake Pet (Apr-2019)
4) Boss's Pet (May-2019)
5) Secret Pet (Sep-2019)

His Secret Baby

1) My Father's Best Friend's Secret Baby (Sep-2018)
2) My Dad's Rival's Secret Baby (Sep-2018)
3) My Professor's Secret Baby (Nov-2018)
4) Single Mom's Secret Baby (May-2019)
5) My Father's Rich Friend's Secret Baby (Jun-2019)
6) My Doctor's Secret Baby (Aug-2019)
7) My Best Friend's Brother's Secret Baby (Oct-2019)

Love Under Lockdown

1) Under Lock and Key (Mar-2020)
2) Under Lockdown (Apr-2020)
3) Under Strict Orders (Apr-2020)
4) Stuck Together (Apr-2020)
5) Under His Roof (Jun-2020)
6) Under the Hawaiian Sun (Jun-2020)
7) Under Wraps (Jun-2020)
8) Under His Care (Jul-2020)
9) Under the Sheets (Jul-2020)
10) Dating During Lockdown (Jul-2020)
11) Under His Protection (Jul-2020)
12) Locked Down with Mr. Right (Aug-2020)
13) Under His Watchful Eye (Aug-2020)
14) Below Deck (Aug-2020)
15) Under the Rancher’s Firm Hand (Sep-2020)
16) Under His Suit (Sep-2020)
17) Who Wants to Lock Down a Billionaire? (Oct-2020)
18) Under His Discipline (Oct-2020)
19) Under the Want Ads (Oct-2020)
19) Cramped Quarters (Nov-2020)
21) Lock Step (Nov-2020)
22) Under His Ownership (Dec-2020)
23) Under the Mistletoe (Dec-2020)
24) Under the Countdown (Jan-2021)
25) Under Cupid’s Contract (Feb-2021)

Super In Love

1) Super Over You (Feb-2019)
2) Super Not Into You (Apr-2019)
3) I Super Don't (Jul-2019)

Under Him

1) Under My Boss’s Orders (Sep-2020)
2) Under My Boss’s Command (Jun-2020)
3) Under My Boss’s Control (Jul-2020)
4) Under My Boss’s Desk (Sep-2020)
5) Under the Billionaire’s Shelter (Sep-2020)
6) Under My Boss’s Rules (Oct-2020)
7) Under My Enemy’s Roof (Oct-2020)
8) Under My Boss’s Authority (Mar-2021)