Try Dying



  • Contemporary


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Life is good for Ty Buchanan. He's in his prime and on track to be a partner in a successful LA law firm, he has a beautiful fiancée he loves and good friends.

In a matter of seconds, he will lose them all.

A freak occurrence on an LA freeway kills Buchanan's fiancée, Jacqueline. The cops write it off as an accident. But when a mysterious stranger convinces Buchanan it was murder, his world goes spinning out of control. Meanwhile, a lawsuit he's trying is heating up … a case of repressed memory and claims of sexual abuse and people with power who don't want Buchanan to go any further.
As Buchanan gets closer to the dark secret surrounding Jacqueline's death, there's nothing but trouble waiting. Those who know the truth want to stop him at all costs. Now the lawyer must learn to survive on the streets. And the only help he has comes from a fallen priest and basketball-playing nun who give him shelter in the hills about Los Angeles

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