The Drama of American History Series


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History is dramatic -- and the renowned, award-winning authors Christopher Collier and James Lincoln Collier demonstrate this in a compelling series aimed at young readers. Covering American history from the founding of Jamestown through present day, these volumes explore far beyond the dates and events of a historical chronicle to present a moving illumination of the ideas, opinions, attitudes and tribulations that led to the birth of this great nation.
Using clear and descriptive language, The French and Indian War outlines the period in which the American colonies were settled and explains how European politics helped cause the French and Indian War. Beginning in the 1670s, when England, France, Spain, the Netherlands, and Sweden all had laid claim to parts of the New World, the authors describe the evolution of the various colonies, and their relationships with each other, the Indians, and the different European governments. The inevitable conflicts led to the titular power struggle between the French and the English, ending with the 1763 Treaty of Paris, in which France gave up its claims in North America. The text is enhanced with images of historical artifacts, works by contemporary artists, and photographs of reenacted scenes.
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