The Devil in Paradise
  • Published:
    Oct-2019 (Hardcover)
    Oct-21-2019 (Release)
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The gripping naval saga by award-winning historian James L. Haley ventures into the Pacific, as Captain Bliven Putnam takes on pirates in the Philippines and diplomatic relations in Hawaii.

Following the at-sea victories of the War of 1812 and the Second Barbary War--and in an ever-increasing push for global presence--the United States is finally expanding its Navy in earnest. Bliven Putnam, now Captain of the sloop-of-war Rappahannock, has come into his own as a leader and is chosen to be at the forefront of such expansion. He is disptached on a two-year tour of the Pacific, becoming a beacon of American friendship, and influence, in the west. But he's plagued by thoughts of home, where his wife, Clarity, is managing the family farm, the fortune, and an extenstive building project. When their long-planned reunion is cut short by a new assignment, Clarity at last puts her foot down. If she can't keep Putnam with her, then she'll just have to go with him.

As Putnam sets sail for his new home base in Honolulu, Clarity joins a new missionary effort to Hawaii. On their respective paths, Putnam encounters a new breed of pirate and Clarity meets another kind of ruler, the famed queen of Hawaii, Kaahumanu. Based on the real-life Olowalu Massacre, this third outing will be unlike any adventure the Putnams have faced before. And with a strong undercurrent of female empowerment, it's a historical novel for the modern age.
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