Book List in Order: 140 titles

Complete Series List in Order

Adventures of Buck Stardust

1) All the World's a Sage (May-2014)
2) See You Later Alligator (May-2014)
3) Buck Stardust's Not-So Great Adventure (May-2014)
4) The Supreme Torture (May-2014)
5) Funeral For A Friend (Jul-2014)
6) Rudy's Rock (Jul-2014)

Out of Texas

1) The Gaunt-Faced Grappler (Oct-2013)
2) Chariots of the Texans (Nov-2013)
3) Remember the Aloe, Moe (Jun-2014)
4) Josie and the Alley Cat (Aug-2014)
5) Itinerary (Sep-2014)
6) Bag's Gotta Brand New Papa (Apr-2015)
7) Back to Square One (Jan-2019)

Purrfect Parables

1) The Horse of the Seven Fables (May-2014)
2) The Rooster King and His Sun (May-2014)
3) Pinky the Polka-Dotted Pig (Jul-2014)
4) Rocky's Tail (Jan-2015)