Lay Her Among the Lilies



  • Contemporary


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Once again Vic Malloy, of Universal Services and Orchid City, California, fishes in waters so troubled they make a maelstrom look like a millpond. Janet Crosby's letter was the problem - it was unfortunate that is should have lain 14 months forgotten in the pocket of an old raincoat, and doubly unfortunate that Janet, a millionairess, should have died of a heart attack the day the letter was written. For the envelope enclosed $500 and instructed Vic to look into the affairs of Janet's wayward sister, Maureen. And now Maureen had Janet's fortune. But the will provided that she lose it all if she became involved in a public scandal. So when Vic took an interest in the Crosby family, he found a strong-armed stranger taking an interest in him; and thereafter murder followed mayhem and violence with nasty suddenness.
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