Panic Room



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They have no way in. You have no way out.

When recent divorcée Meg Altman and her ten-year-old daughter, Sarah, move to New York City to start fresh, they buy the former Upper West Side home of an eccentric millionaire. Most bizarre among the brownstone's features is a vault-like steel-encased room with a phone line, emergency supplies, and a wall of closed-circuit TVs monitoring the townhouse. It's called the Panic Room, and it's meant to provide a sense of security.
Instead, it just makes Meg nervous.
When three burglars break in, Meg and Sarah are forced to seek refuge in the high-tech bunker. They've barely breathed a sigh of relief before they realize the intruders are after something located inside the Panic Room -- and they're not leaving until they get it. Terrified and trapped, mother and daughter must use every last resource to fight for their home...and their lives.
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