Faithful Fugitives



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What would you do if you knew that the END IS NOW? This is the dilemma facing the Larsson family as they navigate the events of the last days and search the scriptures to discern the TRUTH from the DECEPTIONS confronting them at every turn. Knowing that time is short, every moment becomes a race to reach out to each family member, friend, and acquaintance in a frantic effort to save as many precious souls as possible. No one is safe, and the reality is that the decision to stand for God or against Him in this last, great cosmic battle is an individual one.
For Mike, Rachael, Janelle, and Jason, the President’s remarks have turned their world upside down. At that moment they realize that nothing will ever be the same and that their safe, comfortable life is about to be torn away from them. Soon they will be running for their lives, trusting only in God, but remaining, until the very end, FAITHFUL FUGITIVES.
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