Winter's Loving Touch



  • Contemporary

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Dr. Carrie Addison came to Point Hope to run its clinic, knowing that life in the tiny Alaskan village would mean demanding days and cold, empty nights. She expected to miss her fiance, Mark, off in Washington lobbying for ecology bills, while she plied her healing skill amid the blinding Arctic blizzards. But surprisingly it was neither her gentle love for Mark nor her avid passion for doctoring that monopolized her thoughts. Instead it was Zachary Curtis, a renowned explorer, an exploiter of nature--a man who stood for everything she and Mark opposed.

Zack, with his full, soft mouth and overflowing vitality, continued to visit her clinic, even after she removed the bullet from his thigh, and deliberately teased the "lady doctor." And Carrie grew ever more disturbed by his presence. In her reunion with cool, restrained Mark, she hoped to forget the new sensations and emotions Zachary provoked. How could she feel anything for a man so forceful and possessive, a man so different from her in every way? Carrie knew only that these unfamiliar feelings were ripping her life apart, destroying the happy future she had hoped for. But in her heart of hearts she knew there was only one man who could save her from the storm that was raging within her.
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