Book List in Order: 78 titles

Complete Series List in Order

An 11th Hour Novel

1) Raw Power (Mar-2018)
2) Total Control (Jul-2018)
3) Hard Night (Nov-2018)

Alaska Homecoming

1) Come Home to Deep River (Aug-2020)
2) Deep River Promise (Apr-2021)
3) That Deep River Feeling (Aug-2021)

Bad Boy Sheikhs

1) Never Seduce a Sheikh (Jan-2015)
2) Never Refuse a Sheikh (Jun-2015)
3) Never Resist a Sheikh (Sep-2015)

Billion $ Bastards

1) Dirty Devil (Jan-2020)
2) Sexy Beast (Apr-2020)
3) Bad Boss (Jun-2020)

Billionaire's Club: New York

1) Dangerous for You (Feb-2014)
2) Wicked for You (Mar-2014)
3) The Billionaire Biker (Apr-2014)

The Billionaire Fairy Tales

1) The Billionaire's Virgin (Jan-2017)
2) The Billionaire Beast (Mar-2017)
3) The Billionaire's Intern (Aug-2017)
4) The Big, Bad Billionaire (Nov-2017)

Kings of Sydney

1) King's Price (Oct-2018)
2) King's Rule (Jan-2019)
3) King's Ransom (Apr-2019)

The Knights of Ruin

1) Ruined (Mar-2018)
2) Destroyed (Jul-2018)

Lies We Tell

1) Taking Him (Nov-2013)
2) Having Her (Feb-2014)

Living In...

1) Living in Shadow (Aug-2014)
2) Living in Sin (Nov-2014)
3) Living in Secret (Feb-2015)

Motor City Royals

1) Dirty for Me (Aug-2016)
2) Wrong for Me (Dec-2016)
3) Sin for Me (Apr-2017)

Nine Circles

1) Mine to Take (Nov-2014)
2) Make You Mine (May-2015)
3) You Are Mine (Oct-2015)
4) Kidnapped by the Billionaire (Mar-2016)
5) In Bed with the Billionaire (Nov-2016)

Playing for Pleasure

1) In the Dark (Feb-2021)
2) With the Lights On (May-2021)

Rival Billionaire Tycoons

1) A Diamond for My Forbidden Bride (Jun-2022)
2) Stolen for My Spanish Scandal (Aug-2022)

The Royal House of Axios

1) Promoted to His Princess (Aug-2020)
2) The Most Powerful of Kings (Sep-2020)

Shocking Italian Heirs

1) Demanding His Hidden Heir (Jul-2019)
2) Claiming His One-Night Child (Aug-2019)

Small Town Dreams

1) Find Your Way Home (May-2022)
2) All Roads Lead to You (Dec-2022)

A Talking Dirty Novel

1) Talking Dirty with the CEO (May-2013)
2) Talking Dirty With the Player (Aug-2013)
3) Talking Dirty With the Boss (Dec-2013)

Tate Brothers

1) The Dangerous Billionaire (May-2017)
2) The Wicked Billionaire (Oct-2017)
3) The Undercover Billionaire (Apr-2018)

Texas Bounty

1) Take Me Deeper / Cold Hearted Sniper (Oct-2016)
2) Take Me Harder (Feb-2017)
3) Make It Hurt (Dec-2016)
4) Make It Good / The Hitman Next Door (Mar-2018)
5) Make It Last / Big Bad Marine (May-2018)
6) Take Me Longer / Black Sheep Bounty Hunter (Jul-2018)

The Xenakis Reunion

1) The Innocent's One-Night Proposal (Mar-2022)

Multi-Author Series List

The Billionaires Club

1) The Debt (Sep-2019)

The Deacons of Bourbon Street

3) Hold Me Down (Dec-2015)

International Bad Boys

2) Never Seduce a Sheikh (Jan-2015)
7) Never Refuse a Sheikh (Jun-2015)

Pregnant Princesses

2) Pregnant by the Wrong Prince (Jan-2022)

Seacliffe Medical

1) Hollywood Blackmail (Jan-2014)

Secret Confessions Down & Dusty

8) Frankie (Feb-2016)

Secret Heirs of Billionaires

26) Demanding His Hidden Heir (Jul-2019)

Award-Winning Books by Jackie Ashenden

Having Her
2014 All About Romance Reader Award -- Best Erotica/Romantica