The Eagle



  • Dark Ages


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Three astonishing but fallible people who were bound together by honor, loyalty, and love. They created Camelot, the glory that was Britain's shining dream ... and, some say, caused its downfall.

The Gaulish nobleman Clothar -- known in our time as Lancelot -- is drawn to the young High King's court by tales of honor and nobility. There he meets Arthur, whose love of law matches his own, and Arthur's queen, a wondrous beauty whose passion and ideals match her husband's. More, Lancelot finds in Arthur a lifelong friend. Together they dream of peacefully uniting the people of Britain.

But dark forces rise in opposition, and it is hard to tell friend from foe in the swirling chaos that ensues. Many tales have been told of the dream that shined and died. This one will astonish even the most jaded.
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