Anarchy Chained - Alpha Thomas ~~ J.A. Huss

Anarchy Chained - Alpha Thomas by J.A. Huss
Everyone wants revenge. That’s what I tell my new would-be partner in crime, Sadie Scott. “You’re crazy,” she says. “Certifiably insane.” Just a little. But isn’t everyone a little crazy? “And I’m gonna get the hell away from you as fast as I can.” She’s so cute when she’s defiant. “As soon as I get my memory back and figure out who I am.” Yeah. That little problem is definitely working in my favor. “So stay away from me, Thomas Brooks. Or I will…” She’ll what? We’re perfect for each other and she knows it. But if she needs a little more convincing… Well, there’s a friend of mine she needs to meet. He’s very convincing. Yes, Sadie Scott, you’re mine now. We were made to be together. Body, mind, and soul. We were made to be together. Just the three of us. Together. Forever. Full Synopsis
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