Brian Miller & the Young Star Dragons



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Larascena, the saurian Warlord, and Brian Miller are off on their adventures again. Meet talking (and married) swords, young star dragons, the Crocodilian race (up close and personal), and the real Katrina. Appearing too is Tiperia, the Star Finder, circling the Earth; Zaafielian, the first officer of the star submarine that captures Brian Miller and Genotdelian, the Lord of the Crocodilians. Genotdelian reveals four truths, basing one on the Bible, to Brian Miller, nearly breaking him. Through a ruse thrown at the Alligatorians and the Lizardanians, Genotdelian deals with the recruited 30 human Companions-in his own way. Littorian, the Lord of the Lizardanians and Genotdelian fight-Brian is sacrificed. Join us again on Brian Miller's quests, as Brian takes command of a Sereeian star craft, to the detriment of the Crocodilians. Brian has one resolution, to see all saurians together. Will the Crocodilians listen, after eons of reptilian warfare?
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