Peppercorn Harvest



  • Contemporary

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Grace felt that she could never forgive Ellis Ridley for his involvement in her beloved Douglas's death, but circumstances threw them into each other's company. She found that Ellis closely resembled Douglas, and soon painful emotions were awakened.

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Grace had never forgiven Ellis Ridley for the part he had played in her beloved Douglas's death, and when for family reasons she had to return to her Northumberland home, it was the thought of seeing Ellis again that she most dreaded.
Sure enough, they were thrown time and again into each other's company - and all the old heartache returned. Yet, after a while, Grace had to admit to herself that other, deeper emotions than hatred were there.
Was it Ellis's resemblance to Douglas that made him so difficult to put out of her thoughts. And why should she assume that her new feelings were anything but one-sided, when the lovely Angela Forster made it so clear that Ellis was her propety?
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