Magnificent Folly



  • Contemporary


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Why was Andrew Ramsey watching her daughter Cassie from the cliff above the beach, Lily Deslin wondered with a sudden chill in her heart. When she discovered the secret they shared, she was shocked-and terrified he'd try to take her beloved child from her. But it was Lily whom Andrew wanted, Lily he longed for-and the beautiful, lonely Lily he was determined to have. He sensed the passion she'd kept hidden for years. Lily felt irresistibly drawn to this romantic man who mesmerized her with his gaze and made her come alive beneath his tender touch. Trembling with need, betrayed by her body's yearning, Lily melted in Andrew's embrace, but giving her heart meant risking the danger that stalked him and sharing the pain of his astonishing gift. Could she learn to trust the enigmatic lover who taught her forgiveness, then dared to dream of sand castles that never washed away?
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