A Tough Man to Tame



  • Contemporary


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Her Fierce Protector -- or Savage Lover?

Had she or fate chosen Louis Benoit to father the child she so desperately desired? Mariana Sandell wondered, as she evaded the stunningly handsome financial wizard's security and appeared without warning in the garden of his chateau. The business proposition she offered intrigued him beyond measure, but it was the mysterious lady herself he wanted-the sensual woman of secrets he must have. Tempted by pleasure she had never imagined, but tormented by a private sorrow she dared not confess, Mariana vowed to store up all the memories she could to sustain her through the darkness to come, the terror that stalked her dreams. Louis was moved by the courage beneath her brave facade, and stunned by the tender need she had to heal his wounds from a troubled past, but how could he fight the unseen danger that threatened to take his precious love from him? Could the magic of his Gypsy talisman let him share her pain and keep her with him forever?
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