A Groom to Come Home To ~~ Irene Brand

A Groom to Come Home To by Irene Brand

Beth Warner had pledged she'd never return to Harlan County. But when a twist of fate brought the beautiful nurse home, she faced reawakened memories--and the only man who had ever won her heart....

Clark Randolph hadn't changed. Handsome, strong and kind, he was still all Beth had ever wanted. Secure in his faith, he'd never given up on their hometown. Deep in his heart, he'd never stopped loving Beth....

Now Beth was again faced with the same dilemma that had torn her apart as a teenager. And as she struggled to understand heaven's plan in bringing her home again, she prayed that it was not too late to embrace a future filled with Clark's love.
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his was another wonderful story! It was about this man and woman. Actually, they were just a boy and a girl when they met. And oh how Clark loved Beth! Clark loved Beth like Jacob loved Rachel.

There are so many trials that draw these two together. First there's Beth's personal life when she's only 16, then her parents die, then she moves in with her grandmother. All this time, he loves her. She fights against his love, believing he's in the wrong place for her. He seems to represent everything she wanted to put behind her. That's why she keeps breaking his heart!

A flash flood, a mining accident, a teen pregnancy...all these things seem to draw them together, yet keep them apart.

This book was a bit slow in some places, but when the action started, I couldn't stop reading! I loved how Clark got Bethie that dog for her protection. I loved it when he checked all the rooms before leaving her each night. He took the dog out and back in and made many of the decisions about "their" dog. I just loved it!!! It was almost like they were a family...

Though Beth's attachment to material things did tend to get on my nerves a bit, I think the romantic aspects and the drama was good enough that I'm able to overlook her childish ways...
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