The Bulletproof Badge



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A collection of tales featuring super-strong and damage-resistant parahuman police officer Harry Blaine, set in the Just Cause Universe. Bulletproof: Police officer Harry Blaine has kept his superpowers secret for more than twenty years, but when a pair of gun-toting students threaten his daughter, he can no longer hide his powers behind his badge. Young Guns: When his super-powered daughter decides to become a rogue superhero, it causes unusual family tensions for Harry Blaine. Tuesday Night at Powerman's: Harry Blaine brings his daughter to a very special gym, where weights are measured not in pounds, but in tons. Teeth of the Night: A routine murder investigation takes a dangerous turn when the perpetrator crashes a local party. Domestic Disturbance: Harry and Ed investigate an unusual parahuman who seems obsessed with hassling a hapless writer. Silent Alarm: When Harry and Ed find a boy stuck halfway through a wall, the trick is to get him unstuck without bringing the building down on top of him. This book also includes a free sample of the novel-length epic cyberpunk adventure Troubleshooters!
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