Voyages Beyond the Universe



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A twenty-first century mind-bending sci-fi adventure classic, with two novelettes on the discovery of alien artifacts, which lead to voyages beyond the boundaries of space and time, with the explorers marooned and racing to escape. An entity/life form from beyond the boundaries of space and time enters the universe, at a gateway, at the center of the universe, and voyages to the far reaches of the universe, but on its exploration of the galaxy crashes into the surface of the Earth. Millions of years later, archaeologists discover it in its form of alien artifact, concealed within a cave, below the ruins of a castle, over a sea cliff. They take it away on a ship, and they soon start to discover that it is far more than they thought A vital control is damaged, sending it hurtling into space, and it plunges into the stars, with them trapped on board trying to repair it. In the depths of the universe they encounter weird life forms and adventures as it travels on and on, to the gateway at the center of space, where it voyages beyond space and time, to where it came from. At the end of the twenty-first century scientists with the United Nations Space Agency operate expeditions into unexplored territories on Mars, and stumble on a mysterious metallic sphere, with a pulsating vibration. They assume that it is the remains of a probe, but when they analyze its surface they find that it is far older than any of them thought possible, and they take it back to the Earth. A flickering laser, which they fire at the sphere, triggers it to unlock and reveal its forces, by the manipulation of gravitational forces, are suspending a miniature black hole. Scientists carry out experiments on the black hole, and an accident occurs and scientists enter it, and travel beyond the realms of the universe.
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