The Haunting of Grovnor Castle



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For centuries a secret chamber is buried away at Grovnor Castle, with something unearthly inside, waiting to be revived - haunting the place, and opening gateways - going beyond the universe. Unexplainable legends of the place are told through generations, captivating people, throughout history, with extraordinary accounts. Newspapers, over centuries, report occurrences of hideous deaths, evil forces, monsters, and of lights shifting through the woods. A group of people are conclusively forced into staying at the castle, for a week - and are fanatical with hunting and getting the treasure hidden away there, which they believe has been left there by the late owner - and they explore the immense haunted castle, and vast estate - in a remarkable treasure hunt adventure, with the characters racing to get there first - even after two major murders, and televised police investigations. Thomas Bryson, a world-famous and leading scientist, is one of them, and is possessed with unraveling mysteries - and he has been given his ultimate task and predicaments to decipher it all, from all the mayhem of paranormal phenomena and extraordinary occurrences. Leading scientists, and psychic investigators, accompany Bryson to Grovnor Castle, and go to any length to prove their theories and the existence of anything supernatural - which they have been waiting all their lives to do - with the foremost in scientists, technology, and equipment, to investigate things further than before - and to make a decisive investigation. The secret chamber is conclusively found, with the treasure, where nobody anticipates it to be, but it contains more than treasure, and what they bargained for
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