From Beyond Space and Time 2

A new movie-style potential blockbuster science fiction adventure classic Weird creatures, hideous shapes, mind-bending monsters from the depths of time, with organs and abilities never seen before are uncovered by archeologists from rock, which has encrusted them for millions of years. They are trapped in various modes of activities, in a form like rock, but unbreakable, with a strange energy surge running through them (which they were instantaneously ensnared in, on an alien artifact, in suspended animation, before its crash) In its dark confines the explorers discover an entity/life form, dormant, in suspended animation, with more hideous characteristics than any other life form they have ever encountered Scientists, military, archeologists, and explorers uncover a fifteen-mile alien artifact, from beyond the universe, after it has been buried away for millions of years on a desolate Pacific island, in an immense crater, with a hideous monstrous devil-like alien entity hidden inside, waiting to be found and revived A new military detection system is being tested for the first time on a plane, and the uncharted desolate Pacific island appears, and it detects something of unknown origins there just before the equipment and plane's electronics stop working, and it crashes They find thousands of unknown species of strange life forms, believed to be mutants, in an immense crater at the center of the island, and enter a mind-bending lost world They soon return to the island with hunters and start capturing them and they explore the cavity trying to determine what it is and start to uncover the immense fifteen-mile alien artifact buried there, with the hideous monstrous devil-like alien entity inside, waiting to be found and revived, with powers capable of destroying the galaxy
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