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    4 Books
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    August 2006
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    May 2020
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Book List in Order: 4 titles

  • The adventure of a lifetime begins between two sofa cushions.... When River, Freak, and Fiona discover a mysterious sofa sitting at their bus stop, their search for loose change produces a rare zucchini-colored crayon. Little do they know this pec...

  • This never-before-seen twist on time travel adventure explores the theme of accepting those who are different--and having the courage to join them. The moment Ambrose Brody steps into a fortune-teller's tent, he is whisked into a quest that spans mil...

  • When three kids discover a book of magic spells that can only be cast during a few short minutes a day, they'll need all the time they can get to save a dying magical world, its last dragon, and themselves. An ordinary day turns extraordinary ...

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Henry Clark has published 4 books.

Henry Clark does not have a new book coming out soon. The latest book, What We Found in the Corn Maze and How It Saved a Dragon, was published in May 2020.

The first book by Henry Clark, Trophy Boy, was published in August 2006.

No. Henry Clark does not write books in series.