A Stroke of Genius



  • Contemporary

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Mimi Markman had found a haven of peace and quiet at Cypress Retreat--the artists' colony on the California coast. She'd come to work on her sculpture--hidden away from the world. Then composer Jeffrey Lane moved in next door. The grand piano wasn't the only problem. From his impudent smile to his broad-shouldered build, he exuded a dangerous sensuality that lured Mimi irresistibly. She knew she'd have to endure the intrusion of his music day and night, but she never dreamed the tender, seductive sounds would become a siren song to her senses. Before she knew it, she was answering its beckoning call. Jeffrey called her his inspiration, his muse. But had she won his heart forever, or was theirs a love as sweet and fleeting as the grace notes in his latest musical score?
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