Dust to Dust by Heather Graham
Not long ago, Scott Bryant would have described himself as an ordinary guy. But one act of heroism has changed his life forever--or at least until the apocalypse occurs. Because the end of the world is on its way.

Suddenly and inexplicably possessed of superhuman strength, Scott finds himself allied with the enigmatic and alluring Melanie Regan in a quest to find the mysterious Oracle in hopes of averting the absolute destruction that threatens.

Melanie herself has been falling into trances, sketching terrifying visions of future events--and she wants answers. She knows better than Scott where to look for help, but even she cannot fathom the powers that have thrust them together in an epic battle of good against evil.

The earth itself will soon turn against its inhabitants, and now mortal and immortal must join forces if any are to survive.
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This is a story that catches the reader's attention with believable characters who could be the neighbor next door or it could happen to you.

Scott Bryant and Melanie Regan are normal people living in L.A. They both decide to take action when they see people being attacked by gangs. They also are given supernatural powers that help them overcome the gangs and prepare them for a more dangerous battle.

I enjoyed these characters and the manner in which they decide to help others who are not so fortunate to have their power.

Told in a manner that reminded me of Stephen King's "The Stand," Scott and Melanie follow a spiritual summons to Rome and Sister Maria Elizabeth. This reminded me of Mother Abigail in "The Stand," who was the leader of the good survivors. She was also an ancient person who could fortell the furure.

Sister Maria Elizabeth is a beacon to others and tells Scott and Melanie that others are coming and when they do arrive, the battle for earth will begin.
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