Fat Cats on Thin Ice


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Gerard is a high flyer. Young, qualified and partner in a top firm of accountants and insolvency practitioners. He just needs that one big job to really make a name for himself. He manipulates and manages the expectations of small business owners to generate fees. After all he is the biggest fee earner in the firm. He believes in himself but is unsure about his flirtatious wife Julie. Can he really trust her? And does he have a hidden past that is about to confront him?

Victoria is worried about the future of her family firm. Her finance director makes a call to the company’s lawyer and triggers off a whole chain of events that change the prospects for the business and Gerard lands his big job.

He meets an adversary who is trying to save the business whilst he tries to put it down. Who will win and what is Julie really up to when she is not with Gerard and with whom?
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