Death Valley



  • 19th Century
  • American West


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STAGECOACH -- The powerful series of the Old West -- filled with the danger, history and romance of the bold men and women who conquered the frontier.

Deputy Sheriff Walker Sutton had Shade Mallory as his prisoner, and was determined to bring the wily outlaw to justice. But Mallory's hardcase gang had other ideas. They thought they'd been doublecrossed by their former leader, and were hellbent on revenge. The twisted Jason Atkins also wanted revenge -- on the feisty young girl who'd carved up his face in Los Angeles. Danielle LeBeau and her sister had run from Atkins, but two women alone in Death Valley couldn't run far. They all came together in a grim Death Valley mining town, where a crazed patriarch and his sadistic guntough sons would decide who lived and who died.
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