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    16 Books (1 Series)
  • First Book:
    October 1990
  • Latest Book:
    August 1996
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Full Series List in Order

The Judge

1 - The Judge (Oct-1990)
2 - War Clouds (Jan-1991)
3 - Gun Glory (Apr-1991)
4 - Texas Feud (Jun-1991)
5 - Steel Justice (Sep-1991)
6 - Lawless Land (Jan-1992)
7 - Bad Blood (May-1992)
8 - River Raid (Oct-1992)
9 - Border War (Mar-1993)
10 - Death Warrant (Aug-1993)
11 - Iron Road (Dec-1993)
12 - Lady Outlaw (Apr-1994)

Book List in Order: 16 titles

  • THE JUDGE TOUGH-AS-NAILS FEDERAL JUDGE CLAYTON TORN IS MORE THAN A JUDGE. SOMETIMES HE HAS TO BE THE JURY... AND THE EXECUTIONER. WAR CLOUDS Dakota is a powder keg with a short fuse. The Cheyenne are painting for war, the army is shining steel a...

  • #7 in "The Judge" Western series. One drunken night, bad-blood Clete Bartlett rides roughshod through town until his wild gunfire kills an innocent shopkeeper. Arresting Clete for murder stirs up trouble as he is the only son of a ruthless cattle bar...

  • Clay Torn is in the border town of Eagle Pass, when vicious Garza Santiago's outlaw army plunders and pillages the city of its gold and guns and rides off with Judge Torn's closet friend, Meg Slaughter. Torn rides through the burning town--set to tak...

  • With cattle baron Terrill and the T Bar Ranch in trouble and someone fixing to stir up a vicious range war, tough as nails Federal Judge Clay Torn must put aside his justice's robes and pick up a rifle. Original....

  • As two rival railroads race to drive a spur through Wolf Creek Pass--a direct line to the rich Colorado gold and silver mines--tempers flare and stakes rise. Federal Judge Clay Torn must stand up against vicious saboteurs who think their political co...

  • Sent to Lonesome Pine, Nebraska, in order to help the local sheriff deal with the notorious Blue River Gang, Federal Judge Clay Torn has to deal with a deadly lady outlaw named Chancey Lane. Original....

  • Released from Yuma Prison after serving five years, gunfighter and former thief Frank Allison sets out to make a new life for himself, hoping to make amends by turning over the gold from his last robbery to authorities, but someone has other plans. O...

  • Shell Harper, the foreman of Rimfire Ranch, comes up against treacherous and powerful men who will do anything to seize control of valuable land as he attempts to preserve the ranch for the daughter of his benefactor and former mentor, Sam Gunnison. ...

  • For Confederate soldier Jack Dalton, it seems the Civil War will never be over, until he heads west on a mission to rob Yankee payrolls and lives with the Nez Perce+a7, where he meets a beautiful woman, who changes his vengeful ways forever. Original...

  • Raised by a white soldier who abandoned his army post to rescue him, the Apache Soldado eventually becomes a leader of the Apache people and faces a difficult choice when he learns of a plot to kill his adoptive father. Original....

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Hank Edwards (1) has published 16 books.

Hank Edwards (1) does not have a new book coming out soon. The latest book, Apache Sundown, was published in August 1996.

The first book by Hank Edwards (1), The Judge, was published in October 1990.

Yes. Hank Edwards (1) has 1 series.