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Second Edition: Includes New Stories

Death came in on sixteen legs.

So begins a novella set in the Galactic Center series, “A Hunger for the Infinite.” Now this novella and much other writing about the science and fiction in the series, appears in one volume. Unique in literature, the series comes from the author’s own scientific research. The series took a quarter century to complete, and Benford traces his own research into the strange structures there, first discovered in the 1980s. Critics have described the six novels as “magnificent” by “the most rigorous of hard SF writers.” The series has been called “one of the greatest sf series ever written,” “a major achievement in realizing the potential of hard SF not only as speculation, but as literature,” with “a bardic heft worthy of Poul Anderson.” “No one has surpassed this ground-breaking achievement in mapping the unmappable depths of space, time, and consciousness.”

For the first time, all the depth surrounding the series is collected in one volume.
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